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How Telemedicine Can Benefit Your Family Medicine Needs

How Telemedicine Can Benefit Your Family Medicine Needs

If they can put a computer in your pocket, why are we still driving to my doctor’s office and sitting in a waiting room? With technology at our fingertips, there has to be another way.

If that thought has crossed your mind, you’re right. There is an alternative to the old-school waiting room — it’s called telemedicine. Although it isn’t new, it is new to many people. 

At HippoMed Medical Clinics in Dallas, Texas, and Monroe, Louisiana, we offer a telemedicine option, so you can choose how your family receives medical care. Our team provides high-quality, face-to-face and remote care, adding the flexibility and freedom to take care of your health on your own terms. Here’s a closer look at how telemedicine works and how it benefits your family.

Telemedicine: New and improved

The telemedicine concept isn’t new; it’s been around since the mid-20th century when one doctor sent X-ray images to another doctor using the telephone line. Around that time, the motion picture industry was burgeoning, and physicians piggy-backed on the technology. Eventually, medical schools and hospitals integrated ways to communicate, educate, and collaborate remotely. 

Rural doctors also found that they could “see” more patients using technology rather than making old-fashioned house calls. With the ability to send and receive images, conduct video conferences, and consult with other caregivers and colleagues, telemedicine has dramatically decreased distance and increased access between doctors and patients. Even astronauts benefit from telemedicine advances.

Telemedicine: What’s in it for you and your family?

Although early telemedicine began long ago, the COVID-19 pandemic kicked into high gear. The need to quarantine and isolate changed the way everyone conducted business, and the medical industry had to adapt, too. 

What was born of necessity became a newfound luxury for many. The option to conduct a doctor appointment from your living room appeals to busy moms, elderly folks, and sick kids. Here are just a few of the things we can handle remotely through telemedicine:

That’s what we can accomplish with the help of telemedicine — here’s what’s in it for you.

What’s more, the convenience of telemedicine appointments means more people take advantage of preventive care, lowering the likelihood of developing chronic illnesses.

How telemedicine works

We use secure video conferencing during your appointment, so you see us, and we see you. If you have devices at home that measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight, you can send those stats to us also. Sometimes, you just have a quick question, so a traditional phone call may be all you need — it’s all part of our telemedicine service.

Of course, not all types of healthcare can be handled electronically. That’s why we’re here for in-person appointments, too. 

To find out if your next appointment can occur in your living room, at the office, or on the beach, call either of our two locations, or use our online request form

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