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The Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

The Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease

You can’t watch a game on TV or scroll through your social media feed without seeing several ads about erectile dysfunction (ED). Though that may reduce the stigma of bedroom problems and make it easier to talk about, those ads don’t tell the whole story about ED.

In fact, the one thing they aren’t telling you can have serious implications for your overall health — erectile dysfunction and heart disease go hand-in-hand.

At HippoMed Wellness Clinics in Dallas, Texas, we take erectile dysfunction seriously because we know it can indicate an underlying heart problem. As part of our comprehensive men’s health services, we monitor your overall health carefully and look for signs that ED may be a precursor to heart disease. Here’s what you should know about the link between these two conditions.

The facts about ED and heart disease

Researchers are still gathering information about how ED and heart disease are connected. Here’s what we do know.

The correlation is undeniable

If you have ED, you’re much more likely to suffer from heart disease than men who don’t have ED. 

These stats reflect just a few of the studies that link ED and heart disease, and they all point to the fact that if you have ED, you may also have a heart problem or have one developing.

They share risk factors

Many of the risk factors for ED and heart disease overlap, including:

Each of these factors can affect your circulatory system and your artery and vein health, which, in turn, impacts your heart function and your ability to get and maintain an erection.

The connection is complex 

Early theories about the connection between ED and heart diseases focused on the common denominator of plaque buildup in the arteries, since that can affect both your heart and your penis.

Although that is still true, further studies have found that the link may also stem from a problem with the lining in your blood vessels. When these vessels malfunction, they can’t transport blood efficiently, so everything suffers, including your penis and your heart. 

How to protect your sex life and your heart

If you’re experiencing ED, don’t panic. It’s a common condition that can occur for many reasons, including stress and hormone imbalances. In most cases, the treatment is simple and effective. 

But now that you know the strong connection between ED and heart disease, we hope you will take it as seriously as we do and come in for a full evaluation. 

Having ED doesn’t automatically mean you have a heart problem, but if it does, we can identify it while it’s still early and easily treated.

Often, the treatment for ED addresses the problems that can lead to heart disease. For example, if you lose weight, reduce stress, and cut back on alcohol and tobacco use, you can help both your heart and your sex life.

To find out more about the link between ED and heart disease and get treatment for both, schedule an appointment at HippoMed Wellness Clinics by calling our friendly staff or booking online today.

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